Most people involved in gold buying do so to keep it as a hedge fund against future economic crises. This is inclusive of times of widespread financial instability. The reason for this is not far-fetched as gold buying in Ghana has the ability to maintain one’s purchasing power over time.

However, there is more to gold buying than this. Nowadays, many dealerships offer potential investors opportunities to make money off their gold. Buyers of gold can monetize their stock of gold and earn from it.

Clients sign agreements stating the quantity they wish to monetize. Likewise, the dividends receivable depends on the terms and conditions. Hence, this piece explores how you can monetize your gold.

What Does It Mean To Monetize Your Gold?

As earlier said, most people who buy gold from dealerships hold their gold as a hedge for financial downtimes. This gold is kept idle and although it has the potential to earn as well as be a store of value, it doesn’t.

Monetizing your gold means utilizing platforms and opportunities to make your gold earn you money instead of keeping it idle.

Countries like India have set up schemes like Gold Monetization Schemes. This offer citizens flexibility in withdrawing and investing their gold when needed. Interest is earned on idle gold from 30 gm, thereby increasing the value of the owner’s savings.

Here’s How You Can Monetize Your Gold With HKKO GOLD

Depending on the terms and conditions, different countries have differences in how they monetize gold. These are the steps you can follow to safely monetize your gold with HKKO GOLD and earn from it.

  • When you decide to monetize your gold with HKKO GOLD, you are expected to sign an agreement with the company. This agreement will state the specific quantity of gold you wish to monetize.
  • Next, our law firm operating from Europe (EU) helps us to open for you a solid deposit account at an AA-rated bank.
  • After opening the account with the AA-rated bank, we use the SKR to monetize it on the platform. SKR is an acronym for Safe Keeping Report. This is where the owner of the asset prefers the asset to be kept in the care of a financial institution or bank.
  • This safe-keeping record depends on the longevity term the investor is open to monetize or keep their gold for.
  • The platform works on a timetable that dictates how it trades. That being said, it has to be in line with trading platform requirements.
  • A lower limit dividend of 20% to 100% is accruable to the client. But this all depends on specified terms and conditions of the platform.


Gold is a viable asset for people looking to invest extra cash or keep aside more in case of a financial crisis. But most people who buy gold have no idea how to make it earn for them.

Platforms like HKKO GOLD, Ghana, have all the expert tools and information to guide you on how to monetize your gold.


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