1 oz Fine Gold 999.9 – HKKO Alpha War Horn

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1 oz Fine Gold 999.9 – HKKO Alpha War Horn

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HKKO GOLD offers a new exciting bullion series never seen or heard of. It features the origin and heart of African History hailing from Gold Coast now known as Ghana. HKKO GOLD introduces Black Original Gold series, set out to augment the native continent along its companions. This profound collectible series incorporates all the highlights of most African history and culture. As a result we urge you to buy the 1 oz Fine Gold 999.9 – HKKO Alpha War Horn gold coin. The first African gold coin collectible of its kind.

In the Black Original Gold Series(BOGs), we introduce you to the classic ADINKRA GOLD COLLECTIBLE.  Evidently featuring many Adinkra Symbols and their astute elucidation of life in mighty might aphorisms. By possessing these collections, you become one in history. Particularly, the history of Bono-Akan development and their transfer of the Adinkra art popularized in clothing and pottery. Adinkra Gold Collectible, popularizes this culture into the Gold Standard. We invite you to browse our distinguished extensive ADINKRA GOLD COLLECTIBLE archives of gold coins under the Black Original Gold Series catalogue.

HKKO Alpha War Horn Gold Coin Background:

AKOBEN means “war horn”. It is a symbol of a call to action. It gets you ready to be called to action or volunteer. This is the 1st version symbol of the Beta War Horn. They are like siblings. The horn is blown to assemble the nation for war. Everybody had to be alert to interpret the message conveyed as mean to respond with the right action. Naturally, it speaks of preparedness at all times for anything. Be ready and prepared for the next opportunity that arrives at your door. HKKO GOLD presents you with the earliest versions of these classic gold coins at the most affordable rates yet. Place your orders now!

HKKO Alpha War Horn Gold Coin Details:
  • Contains 1 oz of 999.9 actual Gold content.
  • Minted by HKKO GOLD warehouse in Tetegu (Accra)
  • Coin comes in an original box with a certificate of authenticity.
  • Licensed by the Precious Mineral Marketing Company (PMMC) of Ghana and Ghana Minerals Commission.
  • Per the IRA qualifications, the HKKO Alpha War Horn Gold Coin meets the fineness expectation requirements set by the IRS.
  • The obverse design has the company LOGO and name with the product ID, Fine Gold, 999.9 and product weight.
  • The reverse design features an emboldened AKOBEN title with the WAR HORN translation next to it and a beautiful design of the symbol in the center. This symbol is represented with 2 horns unlike its sibling which has one horn. At the bottom is the explanation which read out as “VIGILANCE ~ ACTION”. Therefore, anyone in possession of this must be ready take action at all times. It calls for vigilance in every endeavor.

This Gold coin is definitely an excellent addition to your Gold collections and give you a good returns for your gold investment. Certainly, Buy this 1 oz Fine Gold 999.9 – HKKO Alpha War Horn Coin and add it to your fine gold collections. You shall reap high profit margins from it. Purchase an additional 1 oz fine gold 999.9 Hkko Beta War Horn here. For all our products visit our product page here.

If you have any questions, visit our FAQs and if you still need extra assistance, you can Chat with us or email us on info@hkkogold.com.


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