The Bese Saka Coin is also manufactured by HKKO GOLD with the best technology, our products are carefully made with our customers in mind. This BU contains 9999 fine Gold, it is best option for new Gold bullion investors and Gold Price is best for re-sale at any given time per the graph patterns of Gold Prices.

Origin: Bese Saka means “Sack of Cola Nuts.” Imagine carrying your old sack of rice, but this time the sack is full of cola nuts. This was a commonly used product in Ghana and her neighbors. Served in ceremonies, used as a flavor when cooking and drinking water and also as a snack for long journeys to curb hunger and thirst.

It comes in a 40mm x 25mm x 1.66mm dimensions.

This Gold Coin of African-Ghanaian origin symbolizes Affluence, Abundance and Unity, Family and Togetherness.

This Gold Coin will be an excellent addition to your Gold collections and give you a good returns for your gold investment.

It’s HKKO Gold Minted Gold Coin

Per the IRA qualifications, the HKKO GOLD coin meets the fineness expectation requirements set by the IRS.