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Buy 50 grams Fine Gold 999.9 – HKKO Gold Coin

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This Coin’s design is new to the gold industry since it stems from man’s ambition to be best at everything. It is the first of its kind origination from Africa. It will serve as a reminder of what one can achieve with determination and zeal. Buy 50 grams Fine Gold 999.9 HKKO Gold Coin produced by HKKO GOLD warehouse minting facility in Ghana. This Gold coin will be an excellent addition to your Gold collections while giving you good returns on your gold investment.

HKKO G0ld Coin Background:

The desire for freedom from unwanted external influences led Dr. Kwame Nkrumah who is the first African president. He was the first from colonialism who lead the charge for independence and self-governance for the country Ghana. This made her the First (1) African nation to attain independence from British colonial rule. This HKKO GOLD COIN is the statement coin of HKKO GOLD. It is a symbol of many virtues of determination, ambition, drive and diligence in order to provide the best service and product delivery for our clients.

It also commemorates the leadership role of Ghana in 2019 who became the number 1 gold mining country in Africa. This was done by producing 142 metric tonnes of gold while South Africa dropped to 118 metric tonnes. This HKKO GOLD COIN was minted to embody the persevering nature of humans to be better and produce the best results in everything while leaving room for innovation and renovation. Therefore, HKKO GOLD promises to be innovative in our service delivery down to the smallest detail. We also promise you great customer satisfaction and business experience while putting a smile on your face.

HKKO Gold Coin Details:

  • Contains 50 grams of 999.9 actual Gold content.
  • Minted by HKKO GOLD warehouse in Tetegu (Accra)
  • Coin comes in an original box with a certificate of authenticity.
  • Licensed by the Precious Mineral Marketing Company (PMMC) of Ghana and Ghana Minerals Commission.
  • Per the IRA qualifications, the HKKO GOLD COIN meets the fineness expectation requirements set by the IRS.
  • The design shows a bold one(1) numeric with HKKO GOLD inscribed next to it. Your Gold Partner inscribed beneath HKKO GOLD and surrounded by 2 Olive tree branches.

Buy this 50 grams Fine Gold 999.9 – Hkko Gold Coin and add it to your fine gold collections. You are bound to profit greatly from it. Purchase an additional 20 grams fine gold 999.9 hkko gold bar here. For all our products visit our product page here.

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