Throughout history, gold has remained one of the most precious metals. It has served as a valuable instrument for exchange and proof of wealth in centuries past. Hundreds of years later, people still buy gold as it has not lost its touch in the economic market.

Whether in times of inflation or financial crisis, gold serves as the best insurance strategy for any investor. It tends to maintain its value more than all other asset-backed currencies. Due to this level of economic stability, investors have considered it to be one of the safest investment plans.

Things to Consider When You Decide to Buy Gold

The decision to buy gold is not one to take lightly. More than that is the task of choosing the gold bullion dealer to invest in. To get the best of your bullion investment, here are five important things to consider.

  • Find out the gold’s level of purity
  • Confirm that the gold is fully insured by the dealer
  • Research and find out the review of the gold as done by independent customers or review websites
  • Find out the hidden costs that will surround the transaction
  • Ensure that the gold’s certification from government authority is genuine

Why HKKO GOLD is the Most Reliable Source for Purchasing Gold

With the numerous unverified gold websites online, it becomes necessary to confirm the reliability of your gold dealers before any purchase. Certain features make HKKO GOLD the most reliable bullion dealer to buy gold from.

1.   Assaying

At HKKO GOLD, we deal in raw gold with a purity level of 95-99%. We make use of modern testing techniques using ISO/IEC/17025 standards. With our high-performance gold plating detection machines, we measure the purity of your gold to ensure you get the purest golds.

2.   Refining

HKKO GOLD uses modern-day refining processes such as the Miller and Wohlwill process, to supply the highest purity of gold metals. Dealing directly with local miners, we receive the primary dore supplied by mining companies and process them into pure golds.

Utilizing health and safety policies, we provide you with excellent refining services on all our products. Thus, all our golds are tested and classified as 99.9% pure, plus a guarantee of a hallmark of 999.00 gold products.

3.   Transportation

To further make your transaction smoother, we offer technical and professional haulage of your gold from one location to another. Subject to your preference, we have a range of armored and bullion vans for all your land-based transportations.

Upon the request of our free on board customers, we also expedite a satisfactory export of your product to any destination of choice. Be rest assured that we insure all our golds.


Deciding to buy gold can be one of the best investments you ever make. But choosing your gold bullion dealer is another decision altogether. At HKKO GOLD, we provide the most reliable gold bars and coins by taking you directly to the local miners. With our 25 years of experience, we guarantee an easy and risk-free gold transaction. 


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